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LEAD WITH LESS. automate the rest.

I help high-performing leaders to automate self, sales, and traffic growth, so they can thrive in life while scaling a lean online education empire.

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I've turned the online course industry on its head with my proven lead-with-less method, which has already been taught to over 2000 people worldwide.
Scale your 7-figure business in an automated way and do without a big head count, complicated process documentation, pressure-based marketing, or expensive ads. 


The deep desire to help game-changing, entrepreneurs build their empires, legacy, and generational wealth.


Scale your knowledge. Automate growth. Make millions. Lead with less. Change the world.

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The high-level, strategic business advisory that combines the foundational principles of traditional businesses with the cutting-edge strategies and growth hacks of today’s online world.




"lead with less" is the strategic aim for delivering high-level online expertise and education, without the expected complexity. Our Clients want the perfect balance between enabling exceptional results, profit, lean business design, and founder happiness.



Premium Education Excellence. Enable Transformation with a clear path and a framework-based learning approach.


Lean Operations Excellence. Add value with streamlined, automated Systems that can easily be managed by a small giant.


Recurring Profitability Excellence. Build consistent income streams that enable flexibility and freedom, without relying on complicated funnels and ads.


Founder Freedom Excellence. Achieve incredible success while focusing on a life that supports your most important values.



Streamlined Simplicity. Results should be achievable in the least number of steps. No bottlenecks and no unnecessary complications.


Personal Responsibility. Discipline. Focus. Attention. Care and the willingness to take ownership and improve. 


Passionate Performance. If you don't love it and if it's not fun, you are doing it wrong.

"She is revolutionizing the online education industry with a radical minimalism approach."

Start for only 7$ per Month.

THE Secret your competitors wish you never find

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Lean Business & Life Performance Strategies for Leaders Disrupting Industries and building 1 Person Empires.

Our 🆕 
All-In-On Online Business Platform

Ready to take the leap?

Depending on where you stand, you need a different focus to concentrate on what will drive your business forward and provide a stable foundation.

To get to regular recurring income of 1,000 dollars/ month, 10,000 dollars/ month and 100,000 dollars a month, the respective focus differs.

THE Program shows you step by step how to get to the next level without detours and vanity metrics.

You will decide whether you should start with an Agency, a Course or a Consulting Company and then grow from there, step by step. 

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Innovative strategies, honest behind-the-scenes insights, and tips and topics about the lifestyle of an online entrepreneur - and a lot of behind the scenes strategies

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