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30 Days Without Social Media

What happens if you go without social media for 30 days? A lot! Kriss has never worked so much and has never been so in the flow.

For our business, the break is not a problem because Instagram and social media are not our way of selling our programs. Every now and then we post to take our community with us on our business adventure. Kriss hopes what she managed in 30 days of social media renunciation will inspire you.

Important Disclaimer: Please consider this article as ideas for you on how to take your business to the next level. You NEVER have to try to replicate everything we do at once!

Why A Social Media Break?

Kriss started the self-experiment after one of her best months ever. She experienced 700 percent growth during 2020, so it was important to take a step back to approach the work in a more structured and focused way. Social media activity on Instagram was almost dormant for 30 days. Kriss wanted to use the month to stabilize the business and not to continue to grow through sales promotions. However, numerous new projects arose that had not been planned at all. But they were all the more excited about it! We will show you what Kriss has achieved in the 30 days without social media and how you can use such a time out for your online business, but again, please do NOT implement everything for yourself.

What Came Of It?

1. the Mepreneur Operating System

Do you already have the optimal solution for your operating system, i.e. a platform on which you can "park" your business? The operating system should be as secure as possible, but of course also easy to use and facilitate communication with your team members. Social media breaks are a great time to move your business. For example, we moved from Google to MS Microsoft and set up a Mepreneur Operating System in Notion. This will later be shared as a template for our high-level program LEAD or sold individually.

2. the First Partner Campaign

Admittedly, in our case, partner campaigns came about rather randomly and on a much larger scale than anticipated. But you can use 30 social media free days to get active yourself and find partners for your business. Which partnerships could you enter into? In our case, collaborations with software companies come to mind. And it just so happens that Canva and Elopage approached us. So Kriss used her social media time off to create a masterclass called CREATE AUTOMATE SCALE for the Next Level event. In this masterclass, you'll learn how to create, automate the setup, and ultimately scale a high-level group coaching program to make more sales without having to work more or ever make a sales call. You can also find it on our site.

PS: we are not switching to elopage ;)

3. a New DIY Starter Product

If you’re familiar with Kriss’ program, you know that a second product shouldn't find a place in your online business until you're already generating 10K or more in sales with the first program. But if like us, your customers keep requesting starter products and your main program is very high-priced, an entry-level product might be a good idea for you too. That's why Kriss used the 30-day break to set up BUILD. In this online course, you'll learn how to create a premium program that's worth 10 times its price, wows your customers, and positions you as an expert. By the way, you don't have to reinvent all your content. Search existing content together and design a new course from it.

Mepreneur Build by Kriss Micus

4. our New Making-Of Format

If we're going to create a new program, we definitely want to take you with us! This has resulted in our video series where you'll learn how BUILD was designed and created by Kriss. Use your social media break to give your clients a behind-the-scenes look at your work. Nothing is more exciting than catching insights from the expert himself! And if you're already creating or planning something new anyway, you might as well take your community with you.

5. the New Studio Set

The 30-day social media break finally gives you time to do tasks you've been wanting to do! For example, you can finally rearrange your office, test new technology, upgrade your set-up, or adjust the layout of your website if it's out of date. You can finally complete these tasks at your leisure and put a checkmark on that to-do list.

The Bottom Line

In fact, Kriss accomplished all 5 of these items in just 30 days! Don't worry, it's perfectly fine to do just one of these tasks and use your social media break to move your business forward a bit. Any forward momentum is good. Especially if you have a lot of windows open in your head, a social media break will help you shoot down any open areas, delegate them, or schedule them firmly into your new routine.

Even if the first few days feel awkward, by day four at the latest you'll notice how much time you have to spare and how focused you can be on your tasks. Your community may miss you, but will certainly welcome you back warmly when you return.

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