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6-Figure Sales With Less Than 1000 Followers

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

"You need a lot of followers to make real money with your online course," goes the saying in the online education industry. The assumption is that you have to reach a lot of people first, only for a few to buy in the end. But that's not the case!

If you know us, you know that industry standards don't apply to mepreneurs. Mepreneurs earn 5-figure recurring revenue each month with less than 1000 followers in some cases. The good news for you is you don't have to put your time into building lots of followers, you can focus on the people you really want to help. We didn't think it was possible until we made it possible.

Our Follower and Sales Numbers

(and how they are NOT related)

We are known for disclosing facts and figures. That's why we don't stop at this topic and show you that you can achieve a lot even with just a few followers.

Instagram Numbers:

We had our first $24K month with around 300 active followers and 100-200 story views on @mepreneur_gmbh. Now the @krissmicus account has over 10K people following it, with one picture reaching around 1600 accounts, 50-70 likes, and one story around 600 views. These numbers do not include the usual 10-20 friends and family members, or our clients.

Subscribers on Our E-Mail List

Our email list is outrageously small. There are only 600 people on it. If we add up different lists, we might come up with a few more. But it is definitely under 1000 people.

Masterclass Attendance

On BUILD, our program that shows you how to build your high-level premium online program, also has extremely few views. At this time, it has around 39 views, 9 of which are from Kriss as a test, 27 from existing customers, and 3 views from new people.

Live Event Attendance

We usually count around 10-20 signups for our live events. At the last live event, there were only 9-10 registrations, and - drum roll - ONE person who attended live. Kriss didn't cancel the live webinar, though. Instead, the prospect got to enjoy a 1:1 coaching session and booked Uplevel a day later. So the one hour of the webinar ended up bringing Mepreneur GmbH $10K.

You see, you don't need a huge community, a big email list, or thousands of followers. A very small customer group is absolutely sufficient if you care for people properly in the sale.

Reach Your Goal With A Small Reach - Here’s How It Works

Hand on heart. Revealing these numbers wasn't easy. "Will we still be taken seriously if we barely have any followers and a tiny email list?" Kriss wondered.

In an industry where these numbers are (mistakenly) understood as a measure of success, people don't necessarily like to disclose them, at least not if they remain in the old mindset.

"Today, I stand behind it openly and am even proud to achieve 5-digit monthly revenues with 200 story views. Be proud of that too! You have not developed a mass product, but a premium product. Therefore you don't need a big mass, but the people you can really help with your online program. The same is true for employees. Your number of employees is not relevant to your revenue." - Kriss Micus

Mepreneur GmbH is actually a small company, but it moves big things. Revenues are currently in the 6-figure range and increasing monthly. But things are also changing in the lives of customers. For example, a pregnant woman was earning $35K a month and doing next to nothing for it, as she herself reported. These results are so much more important to us than great reach.

We want impact, not fame.

Do you want impact with your online business too? Tired of spending years building followers when you now know you don't need to? Then take part in the free live event and register at Here you'll learn everything you need to know.

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