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Course Platform Comparison

Learnworlds vs Kajabi vs Elopage
"Helping students find a path to purpose is one of the noblest aspects of teaching." Vicki Zakrzewski

Online Course Platforms: The Home of Your Online Course

The course platform of your choice will host your course, which means it's where all the content (videos, PDFs, text, etc.) that your clients use, resides. To provide your customers with the best educational experience, choosing the right platform is critical. If your digital course or membership site is at the heart of your online business, you must rely on your platform to keep your focus on your students. After all, your satisfied customers are the basis for the success of your business :-).

With the recent boom in online courses, the range of providers has grown. Finding the right platform can be difficult and confusing. To help you with this decision, we have compiled three of the largest and best-known platforms and compared their advantages and disadvantages to help you get started.

1. Our Top 3 Platforms


"Create and sell online courses from your website - The best online course platform for creating, selling, and promoting your online courses."

LearnWorlds is the platform we use to host our quality online courses and build an online education business. At LearnWorlds, the focus is on online courses or memberships, and so the provider has honed its platform and is unbeatable in all its features. So if you want to focus your business on online courses and/or memberships, we highly recommend LearnWorlds as a provider for your online education business.

Our First Impression

Once you arrive at the LearnWorlds landing page, you are guided through the online course platform. Some introductory videos help set a good feel for the platform and a little look behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, the LearnWorlds platform is only in English, but as a layman, you should still be able to navigate their system. They have a huge resource library whether you chose Learnworlds or not, you should check it out.

Overall LearnWorlds provides a clear focus, easy-to-use communication package, and is packaged in a first-class design. A few of the many reasons we use Learnworlds.

A Look Behind The Scenes

We use Learnworlds primarily because of its user experience. Not only can it be used to track each student's progress, but it can also be used to evaluate individual assignments. We love it.


“Everything you need for your knowledge business. All in one place.”

Kajabi is a bit broader. The platform is an American product that includes an all-in-one marketing tool. Additional tools include a landing page, email marketing, and so much more! As with any all-in-one provider, this versatile offer has potential - for example, to simplify your workflows and processes around your business and thus save a lot of time - but of course, unlike a specialized provider, each tool does not go as in-depth as a specialized online course platform.

It's important to consider what you want to focus on for your business. Do you want to go all-in for Kajabi right from the start, or do you want to outsource the individual areas of your business to different providers?

Our First Impression

At first glance, Kajabi looks like the solution for a lean, smart, and profitable online education business. It offers a course platform, website, and email marketing which sounds very promising! At a second glance, one should consider whether they want to be dependent on just one provider for all these fundamentally important building blocks of an online business. Apart from this question, Kajabi looks like a highly professional tool with a modern and appealing design.

The website is only available in English, but the short and crisp presentation of the content makes the offer easy to understand. If you still have questions, contact us at Mepreneur ;-), or get answers at the Help Center or Kajabi University.

Bootcamp - Your online course with Kajabi: >> Kajabi Bootcamp <<


“Welcome to Elopage 2.0, the new era of digital selling. In summary, Membership 2.0 offers custom designs, intuitive interfaces for your customers, one-click upgrades with elegant payment processes, and linking products within your portfolio."

Elopage is one of the most well-known platforms for online courses and, unlike LearnWorlds and Kajabi, is headquartered in Germany. As an online entrepreneur in the German market, this is a winning option for issues like the DSGVO, payment methods, etc.

Also, Elopage is a course platform and payment provider all-in-one and you can offer every imaginable kind of digital product for sale. With that being said the focus is not necessarily only on building an online education business. If you plan to offer other digital products or even services besides an online course or membership site, Elopage's platform may be interesting for you.

Our First Impression

After LearnWorlds and Kajabi, the first thing that stands out about Elopage is that it is in German, which creates a certain basic trust for us from the start. Otherwise, Elopage has a clear focus on selling online products of all kinds. It gives you the feeling that anyone can manage to become successful in the online business sector with their passion and expertise. Of course, it's not quite that easy, but with the right mindset, motivation, and Mepreneur as a partner in crime at your side, that's our motto ;-).

Elopage also has a practical app, including step-by-step procedures for each digital product that you can sell on their platform. You can click through some sample pages to gain a sense of what your product page could look like. That's something to see! Beginners in particular, but certainly professionals, get a simple, automated tool for selling their digital products with Elopage.

Example page for an online course with Elopage: >> Elopage tutorial <<

2. Which Platform Is Best For You?

LearnWorlds = E-Learning Platform

Choose LearnWorlds as your course platform if you:

  • Put your focus on online courses and/or a membership site

  • Increase community interaction within your courses

  • want to secure numerous features and additional tools for your online courses.

Kajabi = All in One Online Marketing Plattform

Kajabi is your online course platform if you want to:

  • Manage your entire online business in one place

  • Simplify your online business activities & save time

  • Don't want to limit your digital offering to online courses or membership sites.

Elopage = Sell all kinds of digital products

You should choose Elopage as your online course platform provider if you:

  • Set up your online business with a versatile range of digital products

  • Want to focus as an online entrepreneur in the German market.

3. Cost And Options Comparison

4. Provider Platform Comparison

5. Conclusion

WOW - that was a lot of information for you. What we'd like to leave you with is when choosing your course platform, there is no right or wrong option per se. What matters most when deciding on a provider is what you offer :-).

Ask yourself what is the focus of my offer as an online business. Which platform can support me best? And if you still have unanswered questions, don't hesitate to ask. Contact me and my #TeamMepreneur - that's what we're here for as experts in the online education business.

If you would like to dive deeper into online courses and/or membership, be sure to check out our great video series on it: >> Online Courses and Membership Sites << Yours Kriss

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