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Email Platform Comparisons

Email Platform Comparisons
"A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed." Ramsay Leimenstoll

E-mail Marketing: Strategically Built And Minimally Implemented

Preface: we don't believe in newsletters, large email lists, and constant freebies.

Streamlined, elegant, automated email marketing is a fundamental and important building block for the success of your online business. Through it your first prospects will become buyers.

Our strategy is to build a sales-psychologically underpinned email sequence once and then never think of it again :-). However, if you see it differently, listen to your gut feeling. What feels right and good to you? Do you like to write? Then write, now! Do you prefer talking instead of writing? Then by all means don't force yourself to send a regular newsletter. Instead, focus your energy on your other strengths.

Regardless of how or how often you use your email list, it represents a direct connection to your (potential) customers. Through it you build trust with your customers, so you must ensure that you have the right email marketing platform at your side from the beginning as you build your mailing list and send your newsletters. We have compared three of the biggest providers for you and created a clear and exciting overview.

1. Email Marketing Platforms


"Powerful, simplified tool for sending emails, creating pages, and automating your marketing."

With GetResponse, you get more than "just" a tool for your email marketing. In addition to the classic email marketing features, you can create appealing landing pages, share your knowledge via the integrated webinar feature, and create smart funnels to sell your online product.

This provider easily integrates your existing systems and processes, including your analytics, sales platform, and your customer-oriented and target group-oriented online communication. GetResponse is a powerful well-rounded tool able to grow your online business strategically and profitably through your email marketing. With GetResponse as your provider, there are virtually no limits to your creativity in this area, as long as you don't get bogged down with too many ideas ;-).

Our 1st Impression

The platform looks stylish and versatile. The 30-day trial period also makes you want to put the tool through a few tests. However, the numerous options from email marketing, conversion funnels, landing pages, and webinars, seem a bit hard to manage - especially as a beginner.

Consider what do I really need. What should I start with? GetResponse offers answers to these and many other questions in their associated resource center. There you can find individual blog entries on specific topics related to email marketing and entire guides and videos. Their support team is available and easy to work with. They are affectionately dubbed the "Customer Success Team" by GetResponse and can be reached around the clock (they are in German). All in all, GetResponse seems to be an appealing choice if you want to have a versatile and competent partner at hand for your online communication.

Guide - Automate Your (Email) Marketing Step-By-Step

OUR TIP: Get inspiration and tips for getting started with email marketing in the GetResponse resource center in English: >> View GetResponse Guide <<

A Behind The Scenes Look

We use GetResponse for our automated emails and our monthly emails to our mepreneurs so they can share their successes and celebrate with the whole community.


"Don't just automate your emails - optimize the entire customer experience."

ActiveCampaign calls itself the #1 automation platform in email marketing. They focus on individual and personalized communication with your customers, strengthening long-term customer relationships and increasing sales through the right call-to-actions given at the right time.

The process is automated so you can focus your attention on your customers by saving time. The provider works smoothly with the most common tools in the marketing area, but due to its clear positioning as an automation platform, it finds its limits in the area of email marketing and customer relationship management. Depending on what requirements you have with your online business in customer communication, this specialization can be exactly the decisive reason for or against ActiveCampain.

Our First Impression

ActiveCampaign is difficult to navigate for those who are new to email marketing. You must learn the navigation and the landing page that contains technical terms which may not be easily understandable.

Their suggested industries include technology, education, influencers, and small businesses without a concrete, common thread. This may be positive or negative depending on what you need. A clear difference with this platform is the specialization in email marketing and customer relationship management. This positions ActiveCampaign as an expert platform in email marketing.

Depending on what you want to focus on as an entrepreneur, you are in professional hands with ActiveCampaign, but you will run up against limits when it comes to additional options.

Guide - Step by Step to get started with ActiveCampaign: >> View ActiveCampaign Guide <<

OUR TIP: ActiveCampaign also provides access to numerous tips and resources on email marketing and automation in its Education Center - but only in English.


“Design E-Mails people love to open.”

If you want to focus on outstanding design in your email marketing, Flodesk is your provider.

This platform focuses on aesthetics when it comes to growing your online business through email marketing. In addition, creating emails is incredibly easy, as the interface is very user-friendly, even for beginners. The numerous templates make it a breeze to create appealing emails.

Flodesk focuses on smaller online companies and start-ups, for which topics such as automation do not yet play or should not play a major role. This type of online communication aims to consistently implement your personal branding and to catch your customers with visually appealing landing pages and newsletters.

Our First Impression

When you enter the Flodesk website, you see what the provider is all about - great design! You are in good hands if you’re looking for an attractive email design with this platform. With Flodesk, email campaigns and landing pages look beautiful and are intended to persuade customers to make a purchase. Less is more also applies to pricing. Instead of offering different, sometimes rather confusing models like most other email marketing platforms, Flodesk charges a flat rate without limitations on things like email list size, etc. What is rather lackluster, however, is the customer support, as well as the associated blog that contains hardly any articles or helpful resources.

We find this model refreshingly different when it comes to the look of the newsletter campaigns, however, in the field of online customer communication and customer relationship management, you hit some limits with this narrow focus.

2. Which Platform Is Best For You?

GetResponse = All-in-One E-Mail Marketing

GetResponse is particularly well suited if you want to:

  • Expand your target audience or generate leads

  • Focus on customer-centric, targeted online communication

Turn your knowledge into a profitable online business through webinars and other tools. Integrate your email marketing platform with your existing systems, such as your analytics or e-commerce platform.

Special Features:

All-rounder tool with versatile offerings & helpful resources Highlight: Create Online Customer Communication From A Single Source Especially suitable for already medium or large online businesses

ActiveCampaign = Automation Platform

ActiveCampaign is the right provider for you if you:

  • Automate your email marketing and your Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Promote individual contact and communication with your customers

  • Strengthen the personal relationship with your customers

  • Want to increase your purchases through the right call-to-action at the right time.

Special Features:

Huge collection of free resources & online training. Especially suitable for already medium or large online businesses. Highlight: Save time through automated (email) marketing

Flodesk = Intuitive Newsletter Design

Flodesk is your email marketing provider to go if you:

  • Convince your customers, especially with the design of your newsletters

  • Transfer your personal branding consistently to your email marketing

  • Don't want to focus on automating your online communication at the moment.

Special Features:

Drag & drop email builder incl. numerous stylish templates. Highlight: Consistent personal branding & design. Especially suitable for small online businesses & start-ups

3. Costs And Options Comparison

4. Platform Comparison

5. Conclusion

Finding the right project management tool is crucial for your productivity and your success. Nothing is more counterproductive than letting your organizational chaos and to-do list madness keep you from realizing your plans and goals!

To be sustainably successful with your online business, you need to use your daily working time as efficiently as possible keeping your goals in mind. This will not only strategically advance your business, but also actively be there for your customers. If you spend this time on all the organizational things around your business (and believe me, this will become more rather than less as your business grows!), it will do neither you nor your customers any good. This is where the project management platforms come into play.

Take time to discover which tool is right for you. I hope I've helped you a bit with your choice.

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