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How To Create Customer-Attracting Content

Tired of always coming up with new ideas for interesting content that will wow your customers? Out of things to write? Published a lot of content already? Or do you just feel uncreative?

You’re experiencing the content rollercoaster, but constantly putting out new content doesn't have to be exhausting. With our tips, you'll create content that adds value while ensuring your customers will book your program.

My Steps For Inspirational Content:

Step 1: Transform Your Customer

It's important to be aware of two things:

  1. where your customers are right now (their initial situation) and

  2. what outcome you're delivering to your customers (the desired outcome)?

Describe your promises and the specific desired outcome in detail. For Mepreneur this would be $10K in reliable revenue each month, a sustainable business, a 2-4h workday, no sales calls, and year-round sales with an automated sales wheel.

Kriss' recommendation: take Post-its and write down each promise on a separate piece of paper. That way, you'll keep track of them and get creative.

Step 2: Your Customers' Objections

Next, write down all the objections your customer may have when they hear your promises. What does your customer think about it? Why does he think it is not possible for him to achieve? What would he say to you?

The main objection that may apply to just about every objection is that your customer doesn't believe in himself/you/your method or program. For example, our customers often think "My product isn't good enough to sell successfully," "I can't handle the technology," "My connection with customers is lost," or "Can I afford it?"

Write down everything your customer might say back to you when they think of your promise.

Customer Objections

Step 3: Content That Convinces Your Customers

Now it's down to talk about content topics. Ask yourself, what makes your customers' objections dissolve and believe in themselves, you, and your program? This is the best growth hack! It creates topics that work as content and connects both their initial situation and desired outcome.

For example, if your client doesn't believe in you, show him in more detail what you do, explain procedures, and show him testimonials from other clients who have successfully worked with you. If you want him to understand your method, you should show him comparisons between the old and your way. If you want to dissolve his self-doubt, simplify what you do, show him the results he will get, and break down the path to the desired result into simple steps. You can also show him what other clients have achieved with your program, highlighting that he can do it too.

Your evergreen content ensures that your client understands how to make the leap from his current situation to his desired outcome. He believes it works and ultimately chooses you.

For you, that means your sales wheel is running on autopilot because you're creating content that's relevant to your customers.

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