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Live Launches Ruin Your Business

Live launches ruin your business

Live launches are considered the holy grail of online business. The launch strategy relies on you opening your program for a short time 2-4 times a year to increase the pressure for people to buy from you during this time.

We started that way ourselves and can honestly say, this strategy will ruin you and your business because it causes gaps in income, forces you to work 100 percent of the time, and you can't take a break.

But we wouldn't be mepreneurs if we didn't have an alternative for you that feels a lot better - at least for us. One that works without the pressure, large team, and budget for ads.

But first things first... Let's start with why live launches are bad for your business.

"The Live Launch roller coaster drives you crazy!"

Reason #1: The live launch depends on you.

With a live launch, you usually have around a week in which you function at your top speed.

During this week you sell your course and determine your income for the current and the coming months. But what if you had a bad night? An off-ad? A bit of a misstep?

There are some people with online businesses who rely on the live launch strategy. But these people usually have a big team behind them, a huge email list, and a big community. But what if you only have the tip of the iceberg and not what is happening behind the scenes, not to mention the fact that this strategy is rarely successful.

Reason #2: Irregular earnings

We call the infrequent live launch revenue the “live launch roller coaster.” If you launch four times a year, you only get money for four months a year. The earnings may be huge and make up for the months of no income, but you're always under pressure to ensure those four launches are significant. In the meantime, you can't just take time off, you have to build up your community and provide it with free content, Insta Lives, etc. to find new people.

There is almost no time for your customers and for optimizing your program.

Out of desperation, you might create a second program or give 1:1 coaching creating more work for you to do.

Reason #3: Some want your solution immediately

Imagine someone finds you shortly after your launch and is dying to buy your program. Will he wait several months for your program to reopen? Some will, but most probably won’t. Some people want and need your solution now.

On the one hand, you lose potential customers and thus income. However, on the other hand, you prevent yourself from helping the people who need you most.

That's what mepreneurs do instead.

We wouldn't be mepreneurs if we didn't have a solution for you! Starting today, you can nix everything you think you need to do, including live launches.

Mepreneurs …

...earn money right from the start with a beta launch. By this, we mean the development of a program concept that we develop together with our customers. This means that we are profitable right from the start and earn money as the course develops. All with a single course.

... no longer have months without income. Instead, we have recurring revenue because we offer the annual fee as a one-off payment as well as in installments if that is needed. So new deposits are coming in every month until we launch the next marketing campaign. In addition, the sales wheel continues to run, so people can continue to book.

... have time to optimize their programs. When we are not doing any marketing campaigns, we optimize our program and our sales wheel, which automatically accompanies our customers to the sale. Up until the first 10K monthly recurring revenue, we only have one program that works and is optimized. This is how you create a high-quality program that costs between $1000 and $3000 and really helps your customers.

Would you like to learn more about how to build your online business without stressful live launches? In Mepreneur Uplevel we will help you further. All accepted applications receive a training course that explains the Mepreneur method in detail. We look forward to your application!

"I built a 6-digit online business WITHOUT live launches." - Kriss Micus

What do you want for your online business?

Would you like to ride the live launch roller coaster and only generate revenue when you function? Or do you want to understand your customers, optimize your program and set up your sales wheel that works even when you don't so you can spend time with your children?

Your earnings never go back to zero, breaks are allowed, and you always help your customers.

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