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Mepreneur TV: A New Era Begins

A New Era Begins

With our first employee working ON-SITE with us, a new era of Mepreneur GmbH began. We have been working with permanent employees and freelancers for quite some time, but until now no one was on-site. This is and was great, but may now change. We've been waiting a long time for someone to finally set up their workspace at Mepreneur HQ and bring it to life. Finally, the time had come!

Of course, there was a welcome package and flowers for our new employee, we signed all the contracts and discussed important things from the start.

At Mepreneur GmbH, these included:

  • Agreements that cameras will record Mepreneur HQ for our safety (or for YouTube videos ;)).

  • A non-disclosure agreement that the Mepreneur Method, which is only taught at our company, may not be copied.

  • Data protection stipulations, of course.

Our tip for onboarding: Have your company values signed as a contract. This ensures that the Mepreneur values are internalized.

Who Is Our New Employee?

May we introduce: Ute.

Here’s a brief interview between Kriss and Ute:

"Hello, I'm Ute, a 32-year-old from Brakel. I live here with my little family and I'm happy to be able to work on-site at Kriss' beautiful headquarters. For many years now, my heart has been beating for all business-related topics, and in the past, I have looked after corporate clients and start-ups. In the near future, Kriss and I will be working through the previous club content and turning some things inside out - that's already a lot of fun! In the future there are new tasks for me, so it definitely won't be boring 😉 "

Welcome, Ute!

How Does The Onboarding Process Work

Our onboarding for new employees meetings and the first day at Mepreneur HQ

The onboarding period for Ute begins, as it does for all employees, with an introduction to the company and our meeting structure with Kriss. We work toward familiarization with our tools and at the forefront of this introduction is our project management tool - Clickup.

Due to our work with freelancers and employees in the home office and now in the HQ, we put a lot of emphasis on our meeting culture.

Every employee is present at our Monday morning meeting to report on the status of their tasks and to go through and prioritize new tasks for the coming week.

In addition to the department meetings, there is a weekly pipeline meeting for employees in head roles. This concludes the week and shows us where the team members are and how far we have come.

Review Meetings

The progress of our employees and therefore of Mepreneur GmbH is incredibly important to us. So, we attach great importance to regularly scheduled review meetings to exchange ideas with our employees, because everyone should feel heard, appreciated, and supported.

Especially at the beginning of the induction period, when there are often uncertainties and new experiences that every employee is confronted with. In the review meetings, we talk about work done and progress made, but also about future projects and how our collaboration can be further improved.

Our tip to you: schedule fixed review meetings for your employee after 30, 60, and 90 days.

These meetings are enormously informative and therefore also our recommendation to you if you want to hire employees. The feedback is so important - for both sides!

Company Manual

*Excerpt from our Company Manual

Welcome: Foreword by the founder & CEO Hello & welcome to #TeamMepreneur - I'm Kriss, the founder and CEO of Mepreneur GmbH and I'm very happy that you are part of our team! It's very important to me that everyone feels heard, valued, and supported - both our clients and every single employee. You were deliberately chosen for your position because I firmly believe that you have the best and right skills and talents for it. Your work and personal development will play an essential role in the success and further growth of the company. You make a decisive difference - together we can make a lasting difference in the lives of our customers!

Our Company Manual (currently living in Notion, by the way) contains all the important information for a successful start for our employees. Besides the company structure and history, the employees will also find everything about Kriss` motives and career as well as the corporate design, always handy to read again.

When creating the Company Manual for your company, always ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do all your employees need to know for a successful launch?

  • What will your employees want to read again during their induction?

  • What is particularly important to you and should be handed over to the employees as standard?

Your Next Steps...

We hope you enjoyed our tips on hiring and onboarding employees. In Mepreneur Leadership, you'll learn how to find and hire the best employees and get the most out of them in the long run.

If you don't have an established online business yet, Mepreneur Uplevel is for you! Here you'll learn all the basics you need to elegantly automate and scale your online business to earn $10K/month and more.

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