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Mepreneur TV Daily Posting Prevents Success

Why daily posting prevents your sucess.

What if I told you that daily posting is completely pointless and prevents your success? Don't believe me? Let me show you.

Of course, nicely curated Instagram feeds look great! Swiping carousel posts, reels, and pretty fonts are eye-catching and usually fun to create. I did this myself for a long time until I asked myself what's the point. I’ve come to the conclusion that daily posting brings nothing at all.

A One-Size-Fits-All Instagram

Have you noticed that all Instagram accounts look the same now? Only a few accounts stand out enough for me to really save their posts. Plus, who has the time to go through all the content they've saved again? Have you ever gone through and implemented all the things you’ve saved? Exactly. This means that posts saved by your followers are of little too.

So What?

What many forget is to look at what happens next. What good are new followers and leads if you don't have an offer? You spend a lot of time carefully finding new leads from your target audience and referring them to a freebie or course. Are you sure you’re speaking to your target customers? Will they do something with your freebie or course after your initial contact?

Use A Sleek, Automated Sales Wheel

Maybe you've been following up with new leads through a 1:1 sales model, so far. Maybe you told them about your offer in a call. You spent at least 30 minutes trying to turn a lead into your customer and ultimately he or she may not even book. If you're tired of that, you need an automated sales wheel. It keeps running automatically after the customer knows you and aims for an elegant, automated sale. I do this myself and accompany my customer through to when he becomes a paying customer, usually within a very short time, within 48h - 8 weeks. Not hours calling or selling. Who has time for that?

Never Run The Rat Race Again

I caught myself thinking about leaving the post to a trainee. After a moment's thought, the answer was very clear: No! I'm not going back to following my tunnel vision just because everyone has beautiful Instagram feeds right now. I only do what brings me clients and use the time saved to invest in taking care of my clients.

Always Ask What's In It For Me?

Hardly anyone knows what will happen once they post or acquire new followers. Most people think that lots of followers equal lots of sales, but that's not true! You are falsely taught that you need to put a lot of time into your social media feed, but I can tell you, that time is misinvested! Please don't make the same mistake I did and spend your time wisely in the first place.

My Tip: Use Sales Psychology

In the first step, you want to draw people's attention to you. You can't do that by posting everything that your offer entails or by being vague. In Mepreneur Club, we discuss in great detail the individual words, how to perfectly shape your sales phrase with a tried and true formula. Customers who don't know you should be able to immediately tell if you can help them. After the customer knows you and thinks you can help him, he should naturally become a paying customer. Psychologically underpinned, you accompany him into the sales process, which doesn't have to be 1:1.

In conclusion, it hurts to post daily if you don't know what it will bring. Hardly anyone has the automated sales wheel and system set up that helps make $20K a month from the beginning. Set it up first and then post so that your new leads bring you something. And even then, posting daily is complete overkill! Make sure you know what the next steps are and how to get those new followers to become paying customers. I've been doing it wrong myself for a long time.

In our free workshop, you'll discover how to do it and use your time wisely. Be sure to sign up if you want to stop posting daily!

Haven’t developed a course, yet? Then get started profitably and create a high-quality product that scales. So you can earn more without working more.

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