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Secret to Being Productive - The Morning

The early bird gets the worm, as the saying goes. And yes, it's true. I, Kriss of KRISS MICUS, and founder of the Mepreneur Method do most of my work in the morning.

Let me show you how I plan my day and spend my morning as a mom of 2 and CEO. Because the morning decides how productive your day will be and how much you will progress with your online business in the long run.

Tips for a Productive Morning

1. Start The Day Early

My day starts between 4 and 4:30 am, so I'm definitely an early bird. This time of day allows me to work undisturbed for 1.5-2h so I can get important things done before my family wakes up and my co-workers roll in. To make sure I'm done with the most important tasks by 3 pm, I prepare my day and plan exactly what needs to be done. By 3 my working day slows to an end so I can spend as much time with my children as possible.

To make sure I get everything done by 3, I don’t leisurely drink a coffee before work, I sit down directly at my desk - along with a hot lemon with apple cider vinegar and cinnamon for the immune system and circulation.

2. Add value To The Company

Once I'm sitting at my desk, it's down to the nitty-gritty. I ask myself, "What asset can I create for my business? What task can I start with that will take my business forward in the long run? What will bring long-term success to my business?"

My rule is that the first thing I do should always add value to the business. In my case, these are tasks that bring more customers to the business in the long run or contribute to customer satisfaction.

That can be YouTube videos that help a customer decide whether or not to work with me. But I also count on planning or creating new content for the program, blog articles, or process optimizations. Sprucing up a Canva graphic doesn’t count. Internally, I like to call such excuses the "Cockaigne Effect," that is, getting lost in tasks that don't advance your business. These find a place later in the day (if they are necessary at all).

3. Create, Then Consume

Never would I answer my email or check Instagram in the morning. The quiet hours are far too precious for that. Instead, the order that has proven to be very productive for me is: Create, Document, and Consume. Can I perhaps already edit the video I just filmed because the content is still present to me right now? Completing a task right away if it makes your workflow easier and therefore gets it done faster is always a good idea.

Only after finishing the first major task do I turn my attention to the "day-to-day business." What deadlines are there? What still needs to be done today? I try to keep my calendar extremely clear and am proud when I have as few appointments as possible. (#businessminimalism ;-))

On my lunch break, which I hardly ever take, I complete tasks that don't require my full concentration, like transferring campaigns to another tool or answering Instagram DMs. Around 3 pm, I end my day, the kids come to me and I have coffee together with my family. Sometimes I mail packages for new members and slowly let the day end.

4. Set Limits

As a recovering workaholic, I've had to learn to set healthy boundaries for myself. Instead of doing all the tasks in one day and sitting in front of the PC for 10 hours, fueled up with energy drinks, I try to find a balance. I prioritize my tasks so I complete a few important tasks every day and still have time for my real life, i.e. my family and friends. For me, this means pure self-control!

5. Content Cluster

Content needs new ideas, without ideas you can't start creating anything. Together with my team, I create a content cluster in Notion, where I can see exactly which content exists for which topics. We're currently creating pillar pages and video series on various topics such as mindset, productivity, etc. so that you can find everything you need to know about a topic. And we see what content can still be added.

I plan my day in the morning so that my business can be successful and grow in the long term. What you do every day is ultimately reflected in your results. Because the morning holds the most valuable hours for you in terms of concentration and productivity, I plan in the morning so that my company can be successful and grow. What you do every day will ultimately be reflected in your results. Use the first hours of the day for the most important tasks and only complete the other tasks and appointments later.

So, keep being productive - not busy!

Do you want to know how the online business minimalism approach of the Mepreneur Method will change your life? Then you can find out here:


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