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Stop Pressuring Your Customers

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

The days of print-based marketing tactics are over. Mepreneurs market their high-quality online programs authentically and elegantly.

They meet their customers at eye level - without artificial scarcity, countdown timers, or limited webinar seats. Certainly, some methods have their raison d'être in one place or another, but for us, the following applies - used in a well-measured manner and only when it makes sense.

Horror Scenario: Fake Live Webinar

One of the most unpleasant experiences for customers is a webinar that pretends to be live but isn’t. First, why would you artificially curtail webinars to exclude anyone who wants to meet you? Second, there's no way to rewind or ask questions during these webinars. And third, your customers are smart enough to understand that a webinar is not live, even if you claim it is.

Please don't get us wrong, a webinar can be a great way to connect with your customers and sell your program - but only if you use and set it up, right—more on that in a moment.

Guiding Customers Into Sales In A Meaningful Way

There are different types of customers. Some customers decide whether they want to work with you and book, right away. These are the action-takers. However, not all customers are like that. Some need more time or more information from you to make a final decision. A countdown timer or closing doors prevents these people from booking. You can guide your customers better and more meaningfully, and also take the pressure off yourself to have to sell your seats in a webinar. Remember, your program is excellent, but clients shouldn’t wait six months when they need you now. That's why mepreneurs leave their programs open and get off the tiring live launch roller coaster.

Use And Set Up Webinars The Right Way

What does the customer need to hear and not hear to decide to work with you? Mepreneurs encourage their clients to take an hour for the webinar, press pause if they need to, or talk to their partner beforehand if they so chose. They keep their masterclass open and authentic until they feel up to it, then automate it into a high-quality, elegant Evergreen masterclass. The only time a countdown timer or similar makes sense is for bonuses. You can offer these for a limited period of time and let that period expire naturally.

Why would you close doors if the content isn't going anywhere? We prefer to invest in a long-term relationship with our customers. Especially in the premium industry, it's important to brief your customers with the most important information and guide them into the sale - again and again. After all, it takes a customer an average of 7-10 contacts to decide to buy a product.

Kriss' Tip: Write down how you would like a Customer Journey to go. Your wishes are a good indication of how you can design the journey for your customers.

The Bottom Line

Marketing doesn't have to be based on shady marketing messages, pressure, or FOMO. Meet your customers at eye level and sell with heart and mind. You've created a great program that you can promote authentically and openly. With the right sales psychology and guidance, you can reach the people who need your work and help them in the best possible way.

Want to learn what makes a sales psychology without pressure and how to automate the masterclass elegantly? Apply at and receive a valuable, on-demand training afterward, which will explain to you why you never have to use countdown timers and fake limitations again!

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